We take pride in your good health!

Whether you are a member of over 1,000 new families that join our clinics each month as patients or of the 400,000+ families that have chosen us again and again since 1983, we are honored to serve our patients and community.

You will find that the providers of Gwinnett Clinic strive to build a relationship of trust, dependability, and compassion with you, their patient.

Our staff are highly skilled professionals with extensive training in their respective fields. All of our physicians are Board Certified or Board Eligible which means that they have attained and maintain the most cutting-edge medical knowledge as determined by a group of their peers. You can trust them to provide you with quality care.

Our clinics are located at seventeen (17) locations around Gwinnett County and northeast metro Atlanta. We accept walk-ins as well as appointments. Many locations are open every day of the week (including Saturday and Sunday) because we understand that it is not always possible to take a day off from work to see the doctor. When our clinics are open, well-qualified physicians/nurse practitioners staff them, so you will always receive the same quality, reliable healthcare.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to provide quality healthcare in the most convenient way possible. When we open a new location, our goal is to serve the community. We want the best for our patients and strive to convey that in each patient encounter.

Let us take care of you.

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