Living the American dream, right here in Gwinnett County.

Gwinnett Clinic founders, Drs. J.J. and Meena Shah, share a story with the Gwinnett County community that goes beyond the typical relationship between physicians and their patients.

They immigrated to this country from India in 1978 with their medical educations and the hope of improving their lives. They traveled to Augusta, GA to complete their specialty training at the Medical College of Georgia.

Always the visionary, Dr. J.J. scoped out possibilities for him and Dr. Meena throughout the country. After careful consideration, they settled on Gwinnett County in Metro Atlanta. They saw tremendous opportunity in a county that was one of the fastest-growing in the nation and knew that growth would bring people who needed access to highly qualified physicians.

Although it took several years to build their presence in the community, it was Dr. Meena’s expertise in primary care and Dr. J.J.’s vision that created their strategy for improving the health of their community. While many in healthcare speak of trade-offs in quality, access, and cost, their integrated model gives the thousands of patients who choose them every year the best of what medicine has to offer.

Gwinnett Clinic employs board-certified primary care and specialty physicians within a few miles of every home in the county who are available for patients on weekends, evenings, and even holidays. Furthermore, these physicians have the knowledge and expertise to guide patients through all necessary preventive, diagnostic, and treatment-based care they need, often with the ease of access to the Clinic’s own ancillary services.

The health of family and community is the primary goal of Dr. J.J. and Dr. Meena, and it is the driving force behind their commitment to growing the Gwinnett Clinic system.

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